The Tree Angel Oracle

I've been meditating on one card each day, and just finished this deck, it's been beautiful.
The Tree Angel Oracle


Latitude 19.47 degrees, global points of tetrahedra

When a tetrahedron is inscribed in a sphere (the globe), the points of the tetrahedra fall at 19.47 degrees latitude. At these points on Earth, numerous geologic features occur, the Hawaiian Islands, Mt. Emi Koussi in Chad. From Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids by Peter Tompkins

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Panum Crater #whatsavortex


Waterfalls affect your aura in many different ways...

Ledge waterfall: Water descends vertically over a vertical cliff, maintaining partial contact with the bedrock.[11] Block/Sheet: Water descends from a relatively wide stream or river.[5][11] Classical: Ledge waterfalls where fall height is nearly equal to stream width, forming a vertical square shape.[5] Curtain: Ledge waterfalls which descend over a height larger than the width of falling water stream.[5] Plunge: Fast moving water descends vertically, losing complete contact with the bedrock surface.[11] The contact is typically lost due to horizontal thrust of the water before it falls. It always starts from a narrow stream. Punchbowl: Water descends in a constricted form and then spreads out in a wider pool.[11] Horsetail: Descending water maintains contact with bedrock most of the time.[11] Slide: Water glides down maintaining continuous contact.[11] Ribbon: Water descends over a long narrow strip.[11] Chute: A large quantity of water forced through a narrow, vertical passage.[11] Fan: Water spreads horizontally as it descends while remaining in contact with bedrock.[11] Cascade: Water descends a series of rock steps.[5][11] Tiered/Multi-step/Staircase: A series of waterfalls one after another of roughly the same size each with its own sunken plunge pool.[11] Cataract: A large, powerful waterfall.[11] Segmented: Distinctly separate flows of water form as it descends.[11] Catadupa: A cataract or waterfall, originally those of the Nile. The term catadupae refers to people inhabiting near such cataracts; there are suppositions that these people are deaf due to the constant din.[12] Frozen: Any waterfall which has some element of ice or snow.[11] Moulin: A moulin is a waterfall in a glacier Some waterfalls are also distinct in that they do not flow continuously. Ephemeral waterfalls only flow after a rain or a significant snowmelt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterfall#Types #whatsavortex