Vortexes According to Seth

from Seth Speaks

The great religions of the world all had their births near the major coordinate points.

In such locales, changes are apt to appear rapidly, for ideas and emotions are propelled into physical actuality with great vigor. Ideas sweep like fire among the people. The psychic atmosphere is fertile. Creativity springs forth easily, and so such locations are not necessarily peaceful, although they would be the best ground for peace to grow. Any ideas for good or bad become materialized with such strength, however, that the contradictory feelings of mankind are more apparent near coordinate points.

There are effects, not as yet ascertained by your scientists, that appear in such areas: effects that were known however at the time of Atlantis, and also utilized by the Lumanians. In a strange manner, space puckers to an unobservable degree, as far as your instruments are concerned, near these coordinate points.

Some of my readers may be familiar with "black holes" and "white holes" in space, that your scientists have recently discovered.

These points have somewhat the same qualities. The electromagnetic aspects of thoughts and emotions, the animations, are drawn through points that CAN compare to miniature black holes. Here their energy momentarily disappears from your system, is immeasurably ACCELERATED, however, and returned through what you might call a miniature white hole-- concentrated now, and highly directed back into your system of reality.

This is only an analogy, but for working purposes it is a fair enough one. There is, again, a wrinkling effect about these points, though not as yet observable to you, where space itself, it seems, yearns to disappear inside the first point. There are other distortions in physical laws. A few of these have been observed, but ignored as pertinent signs. The activities of atoms and molecules quicken as they apprach these points, but the distance BETWEEN the atoms and molecules remains the same. That is important.

These coordination points also serve to give your system additional amounts of energy. The law of entropy does not apply, therefore. The coordination points are actually, then, sources of additional energy. They only open howver, when concentrations of energy build up within your system. I would like to make this clearer. A physical vehicle, a space ship, for example, could never survive that kind of exit or entry from your system.

In Atlantis there were those who utilized this knowledge, accelerating certain thoughts through concentration, emphasizing certain feelings so as to send them through these coordination points. Great stability was therefore achieved as far as roads, buildings, and the like were concerned. Such projects were carried out with great consideration for their position between various coordinate points.

This pocketing-of-space effect can be perceived in certain trance states. This can be compared almost to a wadding-up of air.

Now sit quietly with your eyes closed and TRY to ascertain the directional proximity of main or subordinate coordination points. Here are some aids to help you.

With the intent in mind, you will find your inner vision inclining towards a particular direction of the room, and even your thoughts will seem to flow in the same direction. An imaginary line will help you properly identify the place, in any given location, closest to any given coordination point. Imagine a line drawn from the point of your inner vision, coming from the center of the inner eye you seem to be using, outward. Let it be joined by an imaginary line from the top of your skull, following the same direction in which your thoughts seem to flow.

You have an imaginary line, then, in this case, from here, and here. There is an angle, and then both lines form together. They will point unerringly to the direction closest to a coordination point. (To illustrate this as she spoke for Seth, Jane touched her eyes with one hand and the top of her head with the other. She extended her hands from these points until they met at arm's length, somewhat off to her right.)

The subordinate points permeate space. Jane will be able to tell you, for example, the nearest point in this room. Sometimes the angle will be longer, but the two lines will point in the right direction. Energy is, therefore, most effective in those areas.

Using this analogy of the white hole and the black hole: to make this clearer, the white hole is within the black hole. Electromagnetic properties are drawn into the black hole, and accelerated byond imagination. The acceleration and the activities within the black hole draw unbelievable proportions of additional energy from other systems.

This greater acceleration changes the very nature of the units involved. In the meantime, the characteristics of the the black hole itself are changed by this activity. A black hole is a white hole turned inside out, in other words. The electromagnetic "matter" may reemerge thourgh the same "hole" or "point" which is now a white hole.

The reemergence, however, again alters its characteristics. It becomes "hungry" once more, and again, a black hole. The same sort of activity goes on in all systems. The holes, therefore, or coordination points, are actually great accelerators that reenergize energy itself. (p. 430)

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul


US Geologic Survey Magnetic Map Shows Montana Vortex

This screen capture from the US Geologic Survey website shows a magnetic "hot spot" at the location of the Montana Vortex (just North of Columbia Falls).


See & feel magnetic energy: around the human body (the aura), & trees

Leading tours at the Montana Vortex, every day I teach about 100+ people to see and feel auras -- the field of energy around the human body. It turns out to be fantastically easy. Almost everyone learns to sense aura energy in just the few minutes we spend at the "aura spot." You have probably seen the posters that look like nothing but a bunch of dots, but when you gaze at them, they pop up into 3-D, the "Magic Eye" posters. How we see the aura energy is the same way. There's a magic in gazing. We also feel the energies of the trees. Thank you Joe Hauser, for this opportunity to be of service, I feel very grateful to you. #whatsavortex #bodymagnetic http://www.montanavortex.com/

I highly recommend that you read:
"How to Befriend a Tree" by Mantak Chia


Golden Vortex Device: Using Magnetic Spin

The world’s most advanced personal energy devices
by Nick Nelson

Utilizing a magnet’s “spin” properties rather than it’s “strength” has led to the creation of some phenomenal personal energy access devices that are powered by Golden Vortex Technology™.
Golden Vortex™ (GV) devices are powered by our exclusive nature-based technology that was made possible after 40 years of advanced magnet and vortex research.
Nick Nelson, the inventor of the Golden Vortex™ technology and devices was published in the Journal of New Energy in 2001 after he delivered a paper on magnetic spin domains at the INE Symposium for New Energy conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Discovering these domains in magnets and learning how to configure and set them to the natural life supporting spin sequences found in natural Vortex locations, Mr. Nelson developed a whole new type of nature-based technology that started with the original Golden Vortex™. These patterns within vortexes are found throughout nature and work in harmony with every living energy system and biofield.
First making them for family and friends Mr. Nelson was soon receiving some phenomenal feedback with many of the same reported benefits experienced at some of the world’s most well known Vortex locations, such as freeing up static energy blockages in the body, providing quick pain relief, access to more energy and optimum health.
Golden Vortex™ devices started receiving a lot of international attention when Dan Shaw demonstrated one on the History Channel’s Brad Meltzer’s Decoded show in 2012, (Season 2, Episode 13) displaying the device’s unique “shrink and grow” effect. It can be a bit much for some to wrap their minds around, but if you take a trip to the Montana Vortex you will see a sign over the door in the back of the gift shop that reads “Management Is Not Responsible For World View Changes”. There is a reason why that sign is there and it is the same reason why it has been chosen here as a disclaimer. If you go in with an open mind you will likely see and experience things you may have never imagined were even possible. The same can be said for Golden Vortex™ devices.
Most users report that when wearing or holding their Golden Vortex™ device to their body they experience similar benefits in terms of increased energy, circulation, easier breathing, as well as the level of clarity and focus that many experience around these Vortex locations. Also commonly reported by wearers of Golden Vortex™ devices is pain relief and reduced inflammation, quicker healing times and better digestion. Many also use them with their drinking water, (as well as water for their pets and plants) by holding the flat unlettered side of the device up to the glass, bottle, bowl or container when filling. For gardening and greenhouses this is done by holding the flat side of the device to the garden hose when the water is running.

Golden Vortex™ devices are being worn by:

  • World top athletes in multiple professional sports. (Active and retired)
  • Doctors, nurses and health care practitioners, EMTs/Paramedics
  • Active and retired military and police officers
  • Martial artists, stuntmen & stuntwomen, American Ninja Warrior finalists
  • Yoga Teachers, Reiki and Qigong practitioners, Strength Coaches
  • Rock stars, singers, musicians, big screen superheroes and Oscar winning and nominated actors
  • CEOs, secretaries, office workers, farmers, laborers, life coaches, teachers and many others from nearly every other walk of life.
We do not pay for endorsements or testimonials but if you would like to take a minute or 2 to share your feedback, we really appreciate it. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We do not make any medical claims for Golden Vortex™ products. These are magnetic devices sold for personal use and research only. It is not recommended to use magnetic devices if you are using a Pace-Maker, Defibrillator etc. Magnets can erase video, music, credit/debit card magnetic strip information and computer data. The magnets we use are very small and we have never heard a case of this happening with our devices but to be on the side of caution we do not recommend holding magnets of any type to your credit cards or memory cards/sticks etc.

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The Rule of Four Point Five by Nick Nelson

While researching magnetism and vortex anomalies I recently unearthed an ancient, natural system of measurement, which in turn stirred an old aggravation about our modern systems. For instance, when driving in Canada, Metrics disturb my peace of mind by demanding I do needless arithmetic on the fly. At such times I happily curse those French Monks, who back in 1799 decreed that a lump of platinum and iridium constitute a “Kilogram”, and to bedevil my desire to follow the Canadian speed limit, a totally arbitrary length makes a “meter”.
The pound, inch, foot, yard, and mile make instantaneous, instinctive sense to me. I grew up with them. They were inculcated into me, just like they were for many of the folks in Canada, but now they and I have to put up with this foolish need to change for the sake of change. Why Metrics? I supposed because they are chopped up into tens. Big deal, and I’m not in the least moved by an observation that, “...a universally available atomic standard of 1,650,736.73 wavelengths of the red-orange light given off by the krypton-86 isotope under certain conditions,” has been finally found to justify this French ego trip.
I could insert my own ego. Any length halved into workable lengths of infinity can become a measuring system, so if I lay my arm out straight, mark from the tip of my middle finger to my shoulder then give this unit my last name, I’d have a Nelson. Yes, a Full Nelson. When I bend my arm at the elbow it becomes a Half Nelson. Silly, yes, but it could function if all agreed to use it. Agreement is the point. The so-called English System, obviously plagiarized from those who built the Pyramids (the Cubit) then oddly abandoned by the English, was agreed to for many millennium.
The ancients didn’t use arbitrary lengths like Metrics or Nelsons. Nature determined these things for them, and nature builds on a system that’s nine-based, not ten-based. The zero came later as a convenience that allows a series of nines (which is really a series of three, 3’s) to take on both a decimal condition and fractions; like Half Nelsons. Look around, there are only nine whole numbers, so ten is simply the number one restarted. Then 19 adds to 10, which is one, and then numbers like 28 and 37 and 91 are therefore also ones because they add to 10.
Since I grew up measuring things with inches, weighing things with pounds, and telling temperature with Fahrenheit I am irked at having to change from a system I instantly recognize to one that has to be laboriously translated back to the system I instinctively know so that I can finally comprehend the distance, weight, and temperature being reported. Mine is a small crusade, but one that has grown from simply an annoyance to a greater understanding of how old and intrinsic my instinctive (English) system of measures must actually be. Those who came before us put a handle on it, and the handle was the natural state of the Universe, a universe, by the way, that Metrics can’t describe without getting lost in a cascade of decimal positions, “... red-orange light from the Krypton-86 isotope..” (under certain conditions), indeed.
In my book, The Golden Vortex, Conscious Publishing, 2000, I reported part of this from what I had learned while investigating and working in a place called, The House of Mystery at the Oregon Vortex.
Up in the woods near the small southwestern town of Gold Hill, Oregon, this famous roadside attraction has been entertaining crowds of mystified tourists since 1930. The so-called mystery house is what’s left of a one-hundred-year old shack that was once used by a gold mining company as an assay building, but the main attraction that causes folks to return again and again is the Vortex. The shack sits very near the center of the 165-foot circle of the Vortex, and many years ago the house slid from its foundation ending up sideways and twisted on a steep hillside, and thus the Mystery began. The very slanted environment of the badly out-of-plum shack creates highly interesting optical illusions, such as balls appearing to roll uphill and heavy weights hanging crooked. The shack and its illusions have been imitated many times around the world, but the Vortex creates its own real mysteries of a type that only a very few other tourist sites can claim.
Beyond the anomalies, such as people growing or shrinking depending on the direction they move, or brooms standing by themselves as they lean into the force field, there are more profound discoveries; like points inside the Vortex that exhibit very strong electrical induction properties. At these positions a magnet dangling at the end of a string will spin, and the closer to the ground the magnet gets the faster it spins. I have spent about 30 years trying to mold permanent magnets into a stand-alone motor, and two of these years were taken up by working at the Oregon Vortex hunting induction spots. The most interesting of these spinning positions is located on the circumference of a nine-foot diameter circle at the center axis of the greater vortex. I call this small area the Dead Zone, because inside its circle no one changes height, leans to the north, or gets sick to the stomach. Compared to the rest of the vortex, like the eye of a hurricane, it is also a calm zone.
The induction spot itself does not just sit on the circumference of a 9-foot circle, it spins internally and as it spins it also orbits the 27-foot circumference in about two hours. The induction spot straddles the line of demarcation and measures about 39 inches, and its orbit is at a radius of four and a half feet; the same 4.5 measurement or ratio that just may be the secret to the riddle of the Universe.
But I get ahead of myself. The four point five solution to the riddle of the Universe didn’t begin for me at the Oregon Vortex, but showed up in a magnet motor experiment. Sooner or later everyone who pursues the grail of free energy using magnets runs into an absolutely maddening problem. The experimenter finds himself inextricably tangled up in the process in a very real fashion, his body skewing the experiment by causing a device to work only because a human being is part of the machine. It sounds ridiculous but is a very real fact. Those of us who attempt the “impossible” by making a motor with nothing more than permanent magnets eventually have to tackle the problem of how to get the human being out the circuit, so the motor can run on its own.
After many failures, I took a different look at the problem and instead of trying to extract the human from the circuit, I looked at how I might replace the human in the circuit. The point had been reached where the nature of the field made by the intrusion of my hand in the motor had been determined, and on the way toward finding what this missing increment might be other than myself, I inadvertently answered the easier question: How close must the hand be to the machine to cause the effect? The answer was that the electrical field around the hand should be within five inches of the device, and refinements of the experiment showed that the exact distance should be four and a half inches.
One of the most interesting things about the inventing process is that the trail forks without warning.
It works like this:
When the human hand and its aura come within 4.5 inches of a properly constructed magnet device, spin will occur.
Three or four disk magnets of no certain size with their centers placed 4.5 inches from each other in a proper geometric pattern will cause a rotation of two armatures in counter rotating directions. Vary this distance by an eight of an inch and no rotation will occur.
When the magnets used in the pattern are too large to allow them to fit without overlapping each other then the next distance apart becomes 4.5 feet, or 54 inches, which is a transposition of 45, and when 54 is divided by 4.5 the answer is 12, an English foot. When I saw this I was hit by a flash of that spinning and orbiting entity at the axis center of the Oregon Vortex on its 4.5 foot radius.
The Oregon Vortex itself sits on a demarcation line of a larger vortex whose center is near the town of Gold Hill, Oregon, and as the crow flies, the town is 4.5 miles from the Vortex.
A greater vortex surrounds the nine-mile circle around Gold Hill, and its diameter is 54 miles (the same transposition of 45), and around this vortex is a corona, one-sixth the diameter of the vortex, or nine miles across, which means the radius of the corona is 4.5 miles.
A even larger vortex surrounds the 54-mile circle as part of a line of other 54-mile circles, and it measures 216 miles, plus a 36 mile corona and all its dimensions can be divided evenly by 4.5.
Spaced evenly about the Planet, their centers at about 30 degrees N and S latitude are ten zones, or larger vortexes, one of which is the Bermuda Triangle. These zones or vortexes measure about 649 miles across with a 108-mile corona. 108 miles is the radius of the 216-mile vortex in Southern Oregon and Northern California, and each of these 10 Bermuda Triangle type vortexes are about 4.5 thousand miles apart. Supporters of the Metric System shouldn’t get excited learning about these TEN vortexes, because by factoring in the North and South poles as part of the complete planetary system there are really 12 vortexes.
What I’m discussing may have something to do with what’s known as Bode’s law, which purports to predict Planetary distances in astronomical units out from the Sun by building a numerical sequence of 0, 6, 12, 24, etc., adding the number 4 to each number, and then dividing the results by 10. Did Bode ever explain why it was necessary to add four? It’s not 4.5, but...
The Sun’s nearest Galactic neighbor is the dual star system of Alpha and Proxima Centauri ... about 4.3 light years distant.
When dealing with progressively larger distances the rule wavers a bit, but even so it seems likely that the radius of the Universe is going to be ultimately found to be 4.5 ... something.
And none of this information is a conclusion a blizzard of Metric decimal positions would have revealed. So there, Canada ... France.

Anyway, now that I’m free of chasing 4.5 all over the Continuum I can get back to the magnet motor. Let’s see ... the magnetic aspect of the human aura has a limit of 4.5 inches ... and 4.5 inches between magnets produces spin ... exactly 4.5 inches, regardless of the size of the magnets.

What is a vortex?

Guest post by Nick Nelson

In the classical sense, a vortex is anything that swirls around. A hurricane, a tornado, the Solar System, or spiral galaxies are vortex forms. Even such mundane things as water going down a bathtub drain are vortexes, or as some prefer, vortices. In the sense of this exhibit, and a very few other such attractions open to the public, a vortex is a whirlpool of energy. It is a mathematically exact position on the Earth’s surface that does not conform to contemporary scientific description, a place where gravity is subtly altered, time runs a little behind the rest of the world, and seemingly impossible distortions occur in physical space/time reality. These vortexes normally cannot be optically perceived, but the effects can be seen, and sometimes felt.

How many vortexes are there?

The Universe itself is the largest vortex, and it is made up of an infinity of progressively smaller vortexes, so the answer is that there are an infinite number of vortexes. Of the Grave Creek type of Vortex, which is around 60 feet in diameter, to the Gold Hill Vortex, 165 feet, there are probably hundreds in existence, but only a small number have been discovered.

Can I be harmed by the vortex?

There have been reports of slight dizziness or minor nausea, but the great majority of visitors feel nothing out of the ordinary. No one has ever complained of long-term harm, but conversely some people have claimed minor aliments cured in a “magic spot”. The only danger linked to exposure of a vortex of this type is that it has been known to cause reevaluations of worldviews. Remember, vortexes, however odd or bizarre, are natural phenomena.


The Tree Angel Oracle

I've been meditating on one card each day, and just finished this deck, it's been beautiful.
The Tree Angel Oracle