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People including myself often don't ask the right questions. #ILoveLibrarians


Climbing a fence: Vortex Detective begins in diapers

Judie is a young mother with a four-year-old, Larry, who is a handful, and an infant, Danny, still in diapers crawling around like crazy, and a husband, Leonard, who is quite exacting, so she is cooking a full meal as she does every night, meaning meat, usually beef, a starch, vegetables usually overcooked, and dessert, and she's running behind, and Danny's not interested in playing with the toys in the bottom drawer in the kitchen, and it's a nice day outside, so she takes him out to the backyard in just his diapers and sets him down – just for a minute – saying, “Play outside by yourself like a good boy for a few minutes so I can get dinner ready.” But as soon as she goes back inside to the kitchen, I look at the fence, a six-foot-tall fence, thin, rough wooden slats woven horizontally, and I wonder, “What's on the other side of that fence?” and I crawl over to it and try to look through, but I can't see through the slats, so I climb up.
Inside, Judie finishes the preparations for the main course, and takes curlers out of her hair.
I reach the top of this 4-inch-wide, six-foot fence, dangerously close to falling off. I can see what's in the next yard – it seems pretty much just an empty patch of grass.
Judie is back in the kitchen making Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
But I don't stop at just looking over the fence, I climb down into the neighbor's yard. Crawling around in diapers, I feel compelled to explore my world, and I am also running away from home for the first time.
In the kitchen, Judie now cracking eggs for cookies, the doorbell rings, she wipes her hands on her apron and goes to the door.
The neighbor lady is standing there with me slung under one arm and a scornful look, “Judie. Please keep your animals in your own yard. If you can't control them now, what will happen will they're teenagers?!”


Dan Shaw, Vortex Detective. Fun Science!

Dan Shaw's TV and film appearances include Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Devil's Triangle, Alaska on the History Channel, and the documentary Ancient Tomorrow. Dan also consults for TV shows, including NBC's The Blacklist.

Some people spend their life in search of the guru on the mountaintop, Dan Shaw has experienced the reverse; teachers have come to him. At age 7, Dan began doing gazing meditations, and having psychic experiences. At 14, Dan was watching the dark night sky when a UFO flashed its lights from quite nearby -- below the horizon. Then, in 1985 (at 21 years old), a midnight visit from an enchanting stranger eventually led Dan from the San Francisco area to Austin, Texas, where he began studying Alchemy. In 1992, due to a series of Divine interventions, Dan Shaw began to specialize in geomancy, a branch of Alchemy focusing on the subtle energies of the Earth. Dan travels extensively in the US and abroad, researching sacred places with local vortex experts, and he corresponds with researchers all over the world. Dan Shaw earned a Bachelor of Science in Geography in 2001.
Dan Shaw has authored a number of books on vortexes, including Vortex Field Guide: North America, Letters from the Vortex, US Vortexes 54 Miles Wide, and Stonehenge Gardening Tips: Using Earth Energies in your Garden.

Dan Shaw can assess the subtle energies of your land, home, and business, and help to adjust the energetic field for greater harmony, health, and success. Dan is an extraordinary Tour Guide, leading groups to exotic locations. Dan Shaw is known for his enthusiastic presentation of complex ideas in ways that are fun and easy to understand for audiences of all ages. His live public presentations encompass a wide array of scientific and paranormal subjects, exhibit a collection of inspiring, beautiful images and visionary maps, and involve audiences in engaging participatory experiences.
Dan's writings and videos can be seen at VortexMaps.com and DanShaw.com.
Contact Dan Shaw: tel. # 707-513-9005
skype id: d.shaw
email: ask@danshaw.com
Represented by: Lisa Hagan
tel. # 434-636-4138


The Earth Spirit: Its Ways, Shrines and Mysteries

by John Michell
"The fertility rites that invoked the generative spirit and kept up the numbers of th epeople were also, by the magical principle of correspondences, effective in bringing about the reproduction of animals and plants so in Australia every species has its own increase centres, where the proper ritual by the natives releases its karunba, life essence."


Numbers of the Gods: Unlocking the Secret Science of the Druids

by Sylvain Tristan
"...the Druids knew the Earth was a sphere and ... they knew about its dimension. Does the length of the Gallic league give any clue that this hypothesis has some validity? The leuga gallica or Gallic league of 2,222.5 m is usually thought to be a Romanised league, as was argued by Jacques Dassie, a specialist in aerial archaeology. As the Gallic league is also exactly 1-1/2 times the Roman mile, which measured 1,481.5 m, one possibility is that in Roman times the Gauls adopted a new league which was easy to convert to the Roman mile. Why not after all?"

A Key to Stonehenge: A Holistic Look at the Relationships Between Stonehenge and the Sun, Moon and Earth

by Robin Heath
"Re-adoption of the 364 day calendar would allow the numbers which infuse the present calendar to integrate harmoniously -- the seven day week; four week month; four seasons each of 91 days; thirteen weeks to the season and 52 week year. These things are already implied within the ludicrous 365 day calendar we inherit from the Romans; only the 13 month year is missing. Why? Almost certainly because the number 13 is very much connected with the Moon and hence to matters matriarchal and the old Goddess religions. The advent of patriarchy, around 2000 bc, saw to it that all matters relating to lunar worship, and hence the Moon, were systematically and thoroughly eliminated from society... our present calendar reflects this decision."


Confessions of a Radical Traditionalist

by John Michell
"A Musical Enchantment
If you are not properly educated it is difficult to develop interests and enjoy life. So it is a shame that many children leave school with no interest in anything they were made to learn. If only they could be introduced to the Mysteries and Enchantments of Britain. Some of them may not readily be enthused by this subject. But unless there is some defect in your imagination, you cannot help being excited by the modern discoveries that have completely changed our outlook on ancient history and culture. An example of what I am talking about is that vast relic of archaic priestcraft called the Circle of Perpetual Choirs." [p70]


Prehistoric Astronomy and Ritual

by Aubrey Burl
"Alexander Thom and Somerville before him, noticed that two passage tombs at Balnuaran of Clava near Inverness faced the midwinter sunset. Since then it has been found that other Clava tombs were planned to look towards the southern moon. A provisional calculation of the declinations of the passage-tomb entrances shows a close correspondence with the solar and lunar extremes." [p.35]


Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions: The Magnetic Life of Agriculture

by Philip S. Callahan
"The round towers of Ireland are placed on the ground to match the night sky constellations. Of the four obvious alignments, Draco is the most perfect." [p.9]


Fairy Paths & Spirit Roads: Exploring Otherworldly Routes in the Old and New Worlds

by Paul Devereux
"The horizontal lines [on the bullroarer depicted] represent the course of part of the Mamandabari men's dreaming track (north is to the left) and the concentric circles represent the scared sites or "big places" along that segment of the dreaming track. The arched lines represent the outswings from the main course of the route taken by the Dreamtime heroes." [p.176]


Ley Lines: The Greatest Landscape Mystery

by Danny Sullivan
"The fairy paths or passes are invisible,routes used by the fairies or the 'little people' on their seasonal journeys between their dwelling places. Fairy dwelling places include small hills and hillocks, often the sites of raths, circular defensive earthwork enclosures of known antiquity. Raths were known to local people as fairy forts. anyone unlucky enough to be standing on a fairy pass when the fairies moved through the land was likely to be struck dead or carried off." [p82]


Stone Age Soundtracks: The Acoustic Archaeology of Ancient Sites

by Paul Devereux
"Inayat Khan went on to point out that drumming can cause ecstasy in people "because the sound of the drum goes directly into their whole system, bringing it to a certain pitch". Not technical language, perhaps, but an accurate account of what happens; he says it quite clearly -- is is pitch that does the job, and pitch is frequency. He referred to a feast in the Indian calendar when people are driven by drumming into an altered state called hal in which they are able to step into fires without being burned, or to cut themselves with blades and heal instantly."


The New Ley Hunter's Guide

by Paul Devereux
"We start in northern USA with the 2000-year-old Hopewell people, a shamanic culture, now extinct, that was centred on what is today the Ohio area. These people left remarkable, huge earthworks and straight ceremonial roads. One of these is preserved under the course of the road called 'Sacra Via' in Marietta, Ohio. It is a true America ley."


Earth Memory: Sacred Sites - Doorways into Earth's Mysteries

by Paul Devereux
"There is clearly some extra-sensory-perception element in dowsing, however. In fact, the term 'dowsing' may cover a whole band of loosely-related and poorly understood human sensitivities. Site dowsing almost certainly has a major element in it of physiological response to physical energies of various kinds,but map and photograph dowsing would seem to be more akin to remote viewing."

Ancient Tomorrow Movie Premiere: Thursday January 26th, Los Angeles

What If We Weren't the First?

“A young man driven to help the earth embarks on a journey around the world
to investigate the secrets behind a lost pyramid energy technology.”
Featuring a small appearance by Dan Shaw, vortex detective.

Ancient Tomorrow Movie Premiere Thursday January 26th, Los Angeles at Ahrya Fine Arts 8556 Wilshire


The Science Behind Earth Magic

Vortex Detective

Secrets of the Soil : New Solutions for Restoring Our Planet

by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird
"Travelers who have been through northern India agree that the Hunzakuts are superior mentally and physically, excelling in grace, charm, and intelligence. they are frank, and have a fearless look on features that are chiseled and appealing. Strongly built men, with bold eyes and jovial expressions, have physiques that would delight a Rodin.
"There is no moron or cretan among them, which contrasts sharply with the people in the neighboring valleys, many of whom suffer from goiter and cretanism due to a lack of iodine in the water."


Working With Earth Energies: How to Tap into the Healing Powers of the Natural World

by David Furlong
"Once devahood has been gained the elemental or angelic being takes on greater and greater responsibilities, looking after whole areas of land or sea and becoming responsible for groups of spirits, which are part of its retinue. There are devas that look after towns and cities as well as tracts of the countryside."


Field Guide to Mysterious Places of the Pacific Coast

by Salvatore Michael Trento
"Ridge-Top Mystery Walls
Berkeley, Oakland Hills, east of San Francisco Bay, California
Site Synopsis
Ranging along the hills east of San Francisco Bay are long stretches of walls constructed from closely fitted basalt boulders. some of these boulders weigh more than a ton. In a few places, the walls reach five feet in height and three feet in width. They extend far along the hilltops from Berkeley to Fremont, and beyond to San Joes, some 50 miles to the south."
These "walls" can also be found in the area of Mt. Shasta.



Spiritual Dowsing: Tools for Exploring the Intangible Realms

by Sig Lonegren
"The major axis of a Cathedral is determined by drawing a line from the center of the front door at the foot of the nave, to the center of the high altar (usually found at the opposite end of the building). The minor axis of any sacred site is a line that is perpendicular to the major axis." https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0906362709/vortexmapscom-20


Secrets of Sacred Space

by Chuck Pettis
"Ideally, the ellipse is based on a Pythagorean triangle (in Figure 12.13, for instance, a2 + b2 would equal c2) to best incorporate number symbolism in the sacred space. The Pythagorean Triangle allows circumferences to approximate whole numbers."



Shakespeare's Revelations, by Shakespeare's Spirit

through Sarah Taylor Shatford, clairaudient, 1919

Should God uplift the curtain,
'Tween earth and spirit-worlds,
And man should find the distance nil,
Or, see where dying hurls
The soul they thought would go to Him,
At last life's pain were done,
When they had borne the earthly cross,
The crown, then would be won!
Could mortals know that life beyond,
Reflected is of this;
And all the love which they have known,
Must be their heavenly bliss,--
As well all woe that they have caused,
Must weigh and bear them down, --
How few, but understanding Him,
Could hope for any crown!

"I have many things to tell you,--"
Which are against the law;
But could earth-flok know the truth,
Ye'd see as Jesus saw!


Jesus, the Master Builder: Druid Mysteries and the Dawn of Christianity

by Gordon Strachan

"In Part II it was proposed that Jesus not only had Pythagorean connections, but that he could very well have been one himself via the Essenes." ..."We have also shown that according to the legends recorded by Diodorus and Hecateus, there were many links between Britain and ancient Greece. Perhaps it is now time to propose that behind these legends there lay real historical events."


Pirates and the Lost Templar Fleet: The Secret Naval War Between the Templars & the Vatican

by David Hatcher Childress

"Nectario presents evidence that [Cristobal] Colon [Christopher Columbus] was the illegitimate son of Prince Carlos (Charles IV) of Viana, Spain, and Margarita Colon, a prominent Jewish family in the ghetto of Mallorca. The author found a letter from the prince to the governor of Mallorca, dated October 28, 1459, describing his meeting with Margarita, from which can be deduced the birth of Cristobal in the summer of 1460.
This premise provides logical answers to certain "mysteries" concerning Columbus' education and marriage, and reconciles with generally accepted facts..."

The Templars' Secret Island: The Knights, the Priest and the Treasure

by Erling Haagensen & Henry Lincoln
"Our history teaches us to think of our forebears as living in ignorance, steeped in superstition, lacking our enlightened scientific understanding of the world about us. We consider our knowledge to be the hard-won fruit of generations of thinkers, each building upon the discoveries of preceding ages, learning little by little the wonders and complexities of the universe. It is hard for us to imagine that an unknown and forgotten culture may once have possessed gifts, understanding and learning that were allowed to slip into oblivion and which, painstakingly, we have had to re-learn."


Twelve-Tribe Nations: Sacred Number and the Golden Age

by John Michell, & Christine Rhone
"The Glastonbury Zodiac is thus a powerful and haunting symbol, evoking ancient memories. Since Kathryn Maltwood's time its effigies have been tended and preserved by her local followers and the concept of a landscape zodiac is now established in many minds. Whether or not she was right in her interpretation of it, her perception of an astrological pattern at Glastonbury is well founded and effective."


The Glastonbury Zodiac: Key to the Mysteries of Britain

By Mary Caine.
"Was it these mysterious proto-Phoenicians who stored the seeds of Atlantean wisdom when their primaeval centres were submerged, sowing them anew in after ages not only in Neolithic Britain (remembered as the source of these ideas), but all along the Mediterranean shore as far as Troy and even Sumeria? Astronomical stone circles line this route from Britain to Persia -- sure sign of a star-gazing people with that most essential tool of civilisation, a calendar."


The New Jerusalem: The Extraordinary True Story of How a Secret Society Rebuilt London

by Adrian Gilbert.
"From the start the Royal Society stood against Aristotelianism. That it took inspiration from the works of Francis Bacon is evidenced by his being depicted on this frontispiece on the other side of the bust of Charles II from Lord Brouckner. The inscription beneath Bacon's feet makes it clear that he has been placed on the frontispiece because he proposed the great instauration that would overthrow the tyranny of Aristotelianism. According to Joseph Glanvill, one of the founder members, the Royal Society's earliest remit was 'to defend against the attacks of the Aristotelian traditionalists, to enlarge knowledge by observation and experiment'. These are the sentiments that had been expressed in the Rosicrucian manifestos of some 50 years earlier." https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0552148482/vortexmapscom-20


Ancient Stones Speak: David D. Zink

The Ancient Stones Speak: A Journey to the World's Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites – October 1, 1979

"Until the present work, however, no one has pointed out the surprising number of megalithic structures located at or near these intersections."

1. Giza, the Great Pyramid
3. Tyumen oil field, USSR
4. Lake Baikal, USSR, many unique plants and animals
9. Hudson Bay, present location of north magnetic pole
11. Northern British Isles, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodgar, Callanish
12. Mohenjo Daro-Rama Empire culture
13. Pyramids in Xian, China, the largest in the world
14. Southern Japan Dragon's Triangle, great seismic activity
16. Hamakulta, nearby lies Hawaii, scene of high volcanic and earthquake activity
17. The sophisticated canal civilization of Cibola
18. Bimini, the site of huge man-made walls underwater, discovered in 1969, the date that Edgar Cayce had predicted that evidence of Atlantis would be discovered
20. Algerian megalithic ruin
21. Megaliths at Axum, the Coptic Christian center in Ethiopia
25. Bangkok and Angkor Wat
26. Sarawak, Borneo, site of ancient megalithic structures
28. Pohnpei Island, Micronesia, site of the megalithic city of Nan Madol
35. Lima, Peru, boundary of the Nazca Plate, Pisco, the Candlestick of the Andes & the Nazca Lines
40. Gabon, West Africa, natural atomic reactor in operation about 1.7 million years ago
41. Zimbabwe with its ancient mines & structures
44. The Maralinga Atomic Test Site, which also has megalithic ruins
47. Easter Island and its megaliths
62. German underground Antarctic base?


VortexMaps.com: The Science Behind Earth Magic


The nearest place to take refuge and regroup

Out for a run, her brown hair pulled back into a short ponytail, wearing a t-shirt and lycra shorts, sweaty, still breathing hard, Mary knocks on my apartment door. I've just moved out of the UC Davis dormitories and into an apartment with a roommate, Andy, he's not home, so I open the door knowing that the knock's not for me.
Hi, is Andy home?”
No, you want to leave a note?”
... ok.”
Mary steps in and says she's hoping to buy some weed from him. She writes down her phone number and I give her a joint. Later I run into her again, she lives with an ex-con named Nick in an apartment across from my friend Scott, and I begin to stop in to see her, too, when I visit Scott. Within a few months I have my own apartment, though no real furniture, and some nights Mary sleeps with me on the floor and shares my sleeping bag.
Mary graduates, and I drop out and we plan a long-distance hike together in the El Dorado National Forest. We prepare packages of dried foods to be mailed to us, and we leave them with our friend Tom, who drops us off at the trailhead. In only a couple weeks, fall turns to winter, and our three-season tent isn't enough. We hitchhike to the nearest place where we can take refuge and regroup. That's Kirkwood Ski Resort, there's an expensive little convenience store there. We waterproof our tent in the employee laundry room, then I find the cover of a pickup truck bed in the basement parking garage for us to sleep under while we're waiting for the waterproofing to dry. We camp out in the snow, heating rocks in the fire, wrapping them in a t-shirt, and taking them into our sleeping bags with us. Our food packages never arrive. We hear that the trail ahead is impassable, expert hikers are turning back.