Can we create a power center on the Earth?

Lazaris: Certainly so. One has to go about it with a certain intentionality: "I’m going to lay out a particular power point.” We would encourage you to pick a beautiful point — by your definition — it doesn't necessarily have to be beautiful by everybody else’s definition. You can imbue it with power.
How do you do this? It's as simple as it sounds — almost so simple that people would think, "Ah, it can't be true.”
Basically, you sit there and love the Earth. We recommend that you sit with bare feet to touch the Earth and bare hands to touch the Earth. If that's not possible, however, don't do it. Sit there and pour love into the Earth, really love the Earth, and sense the Earth as living energy, as living consciousness. Love it, and love it, and love it, and love it. Give it as much love as you possibly can.
Over a period of time, giving love with power, energy, and intention can create a power spot. Once you define a spot, surround it in a bubble of light, and protect it in the bubble of light. Then work with reinforcing and expanding, building and protecting. Without too much effort, in time the spot will be powerful. Other people coming along would go, "Wooh! Wow! This is a powerful spot!” You can rather just smile gently and say, ”Yeah, that's really interesting, isn't it?” Let them think whatever they want to think. Yes, you can create power spots.
If you find one — like the one you found — you can expand it, you can stretch it, or leave it the way it is.

Lazaris is a non-physical entity, channeled through Jach Pursel. Lazaris Interviews Book II, p. 78

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