Dan Shaw, Vortex Detective, Gets Personal

I first began to research Paranormal Vortexes in 1992 (26 years!). At that time, I chose to review and synthesize the work of every Vortex researcher I could find, and to present information in a neutral tone, what I call a 'museum tone.' Up until relatively recently I have not widely shared my personal stories of how I came to be the "Vortex Detective." When people ask me questions about vortexes, I begin by carefully qualifying my statement, "Some researchers believe..." and only after that do I share my own, tentative conclusions. I don't think anyone can claim to have a full understanding of the "Vortex Effect," but I am convinced that each of us brings our unique background and insights the phenomenon.

In other words, I have generally shied away from the spotlight, in order to cast greater light on the subject matter itself. I'm only sharing Vortex research, and closely associated topics. My FB posts are NEVER personal (or political, unless environmental). (You've never seen my meals, family, gripes, etc. -- not that there's anything wrong with that.) When you see my posts on FB, you may (rightly) think, "that vortex stuff is interesting but who is this eccentric character, Dan Shaw?

I invite you to visit DanShaw.com, where you can read a bit of my personal story. You'll also find my telephone number. Whether you're new to "Ancient Mysteries", or you've done much research, I invite you to call me... remembering that I live in the Pacific Time Zone. When I get a call from a number I don't recognize, I assume that it's a vortex call! I'd like to connect you with, my community, on a more personal level.

Some Places Are Magical

Some things in this world remain unexplained, mysterious, miraculous, and magical. Our physical world is not all that there is, there are also other worlds, non-physical worlds. We could call these other worlds meta-physical, subtle, or supernatural. Ancient traditions everywhere agree that the supernatural world of the dead and other spirit beings is partly separated from our world, but the supernatural world is not completely separate from ours. Those other worlds sometimes interact with our world. The separation between the world of the living and the world of the dead is so thin and delicate that it is sometimes described as a ‘veil’. At times such as the Day of the Dead, and Halloween, the veil is even thinner. The ancestors, mythical creatures, and evil spirits walk among us.
Have you ever been to a place that seemed haunted, or enchanted? Have you visited a place where you felt scared, elated, sad, angry or some other feeling, and the location itself seemed to be causing your feelings? Welcome to the vortex. A Vortex is a place where the veil is thin, a portal between dimensions.
Vortexes give us access to the realm of magic. At vortexes, paranormal beings such as spirits, entities, orbs, and thunderbirds may enter our dimension. Time may slow down or speed up. Bizarre synchronicities occur. People have spontaneous healings and psychic experiences. At vortexes, anything can happen.


Coba, Mexico: Temple features 13 altars

Coba Archaeologic Zone, Quintana Roo, Mexico
At the "Compound of the Paintings" the courtyard features 13 altars, suggesting that each of these altars is dedicated to one of the 13 'days' of the Mayan 260-day cycle.
I visited on Oct. 22, 1977, and shot these photos.


Star Gates around the World

Navajo Sky Window, Chaco Canyon from jqjacobs.net, Babaji in India, Egypt from Khemitology.com all via VortexMaps.com


Ground derived energies

"Ground derived energies were used in demonstration of agricultural stimulation (White, Lakhovsky), sensitive medical diagnosis (White, Abrams, Hieronymus), medical therapies (White, Mellon, Drown), anatomical scanning (Drown, DelaWarr), wireless biological communications (Abrams, Hieronymus, Drown), chemical reactivity (Kolisko), power acquisition (Stubblefield, Strong, Brown, Tomkins, Lockwood, Prentice), meteorological modification (Baigorri), remote sensing and surveying (Beasse, Glazewski, Billington, Ash, Rogers, Moray, Maby, Drown), and mineral prospecting (Beasse, Rogers, Drown). Despite these profound discoveries, the widescale acceptance of geomantic energy or geomantic phenomena [18]was methodically shunned and eliminated from the academic dogma." 
from An Introduction to the Mysteries of Ground Radio, by Gerry Vassilatos