Hedronists: Geometry with an Edge

Geometry holds within it the power to transform us. Some friends and I who share an interest in all things geometric have joined together to discover what we might create ensemble. We wish to invite all others to co-create an event featuring geometries of all sorts, especially ‘transformative geometry,’ an experience of geometry with which we interact and are transformed. You are the key ingredient in helping realize this vision of a new sort of an event, an event that is more collaborative, creative, and surprising than we can imagine. We seek input from every side.

We imagine this event not as a conference in the old model, with lectures, but instead a gathering where we share on many other levels as well, more than information, the experience.

We seek a location with geometric architecture. At what location or locations should we hold the event?

Who would you invite to the Hedronists’ Ball? We need your suggestions.

Do you have a Geometric multi-media art installation to exhibit?

Would you help organize the event?