Humandalas Cards

I'm stoked to receive my deck of Humandalas Cards from Daniel Levy. "Make sacred geometry with your bodies! Create mandala patterns with connected hands, movement and visualization. Use this 52 hex-card deck to guide your group in a healing and transformational activity." http://www.humandalas.com/

Rear Wall Module "B"

The rear wall measures 11' 2". The first module is 8', so this module measures 3' 2" wide. Spacing of studs continues at 16" on-center.


Back Wall Module 1

The front and back walls of this shed measure 11' 9", but because they fit between the side walls, their actual length is 11' 2". The front and back walls must be symmetric, with a stud and a siding seam underneath the peak of the roof. The jig (gray plywood backing) has been modified with a 2" x 4" as a block on the left so that a stud falls at the center (of the wall, not the module) at 5' 7".
The 12' back wall is constructed in two modules, an 8' module and a 4' module. I decided not to use two 6'-wide modules. Although 6'-wide modules are easier to handle than 8' modules, modules of 8' & 4' make more efficient use of the materials.
The 8'-wide module hangs off the edge of the jig.

Barn-style door hardware: Handles

This "heavy duty gate pull" at Home Depot seems a nice heavy handle for the barn-style doors. One inside and one outside of each door.

Basic window included with shed.

Shed kits include a 'basic' window. Choose from 36" x 12", 24" x 24", or 24" x 36". Larger, and / or additional windows are an upgrade and cost extra.

Windows: availability varies, I may substitute comparable

Window: 36" x 12". Jeld-Wen brand shown. Availability varies, I may substitute comparable quality and size. Brand and vendor at my choice.
White vinyl, double glazed, argon. Translucent glass on this size window. Includes screen.
This shape window is generally placed high, it's sometimes used as a basement (or bathroom) window. From the top of the (7' 9") wall to the top of window measures approximately 10". This puts the bottom of the window at approximately 5' 11".

Cascade Windows are manufactured in Portland, Oregon. http://cascadewindows.com/


First "short" module

The third module is complete. The left and right side walls measure 15' 9". The side walls each consist of two modules. The first module measures 8' long, the second module measures 7' 9". The second module is designed so that the 16" on-center spacing of the studs continues. The siding panels have vertical grooves every 8", these grooves match the studs for nailing. In the right foreground you can see that the end of the wall has a "California corner" to strengthen the corner and to anticipate drywall.

Building to the measurement of 15' 9" is very cost-efficient. By cutting 3" off of multiples of 4' (8, 12, 16), very little waste is created. Only a couple inches is cut off each board. 8' lengths of trim are sufficient.

Shed floor: 3/4" Tongue and Groove exterior plywood

Six sheets of plywood will be enough for the floor of this 12' x 16' shed.

The plywood is marked with instructions to leave a 1/8" gap all around for expansion.

I treat the under side of the flooring with a "mis-tint" paint or stain. Most paint shops have a few cans around that are deeply discounted. My paint shop calls them "bone paint." Perhaps it's because of the bonehead who mixed the wrong color. More likely, because no one cares what color you paint the "bones," you can use any color; people only care about the color of the "skin."


Site prep for 12' x 16' shed

Client chose a layer of gravel with 3" deep holes under the feet.


Wall bracing

Before the wall module is removed from the jig, we inset a 1" x 2" brace.


Paints: Color options

Paint color samples can't be properly reproduced on screen. We may use similar colors from any brand. We use a lighter color for the walls with a contrasting, darker trim. Satin finish. Sherwin Williams offers a line of "Historic Exterior" colors.  In the brown range, SW 2859 Beige with SW 2836 Quartersawn Oak trim. In the green range, SW 2812 Rookwood Jade with SW 2816 Rookwood Dark Green trim. To minimize your cost and environmental impact, we use a limited range of colors. You can request custom colors. They are an upgrade and cost more.


Concrete Anchor Kit for Storage Building

Arrow Concrete Anchor Kit for Storage Building
from Home Depot

First wall built in the jig

The first wall built using the jig settles nicely in to place.

Each stud receives two nails on the top and two on the bottom.

2" x 4" needs trimming down to 8'

I trim the 2" x 4" down to 8' length.

First wall module stands on its own

The first wall is square enough to stand on its own.

The wall module jig is built around the first wall.

Every wall will be virtually identical.

Screws specs

TRX deck screw, 3". (8 x 3). Yellow dichromate (yellow zinc aka YZ). T20 6-lobe flat head multipurpose interior wood screw. Supplier: Fastenal.

Exterior screws will be 3" DEC-KING #2 Square Drive Climacoat.

Siding the shed

Commonly shed siding consists of T-111.

LP SmartSide SmartSide 48 in. x 96 in. Strand Panel Siding
also makes a good choice. (shown.)

Hardie Board cement board provides a non-warping alternative to wood, but the company has a bad environmental and legal record. An ongoing class-action lawsuit claims defective products. Also, Hardie Workers were harmed by asbestos.

http://www.allurausa.com/ based in Houston, Texas has a fibercement plant located in White City, Oregon. Using this product presumably minimizes transportation inputs and keeps some local money in the local economy. This would be my preference.
    1231 Disk Dr 
    Medford, WA 97501 
    (541) 734-7277
    3630 Crater Lake Ave, 
    Medford, WA 87504 
    (541) 779-4571

Minimize the high environmental cost of building

I am committed to minimizing the high environmental cost of building. Wherever practical, I reduce, reuse, and recycle. First, I design to minimize waste. Standard shed wall sizes are 7' 9", 11' 9", and 15' 9" to reduce waste materials and keep costs down. "Waste" wood gets sorted, raw wood goes into burnable bin. Even sawdust gets re-purposed. I avoid using pressure treated wood when possible, and then avoid cutting into it, which creates dust, waste, and the need to re-seal. I use water-based, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and glues. I continually educate myself on best practices and materials. When practical, I use locally sourced materials.

Steel and concrete used in building construction contribute significantly to environmental pollution.
For further research:
"What Building Material (wood, steel, concrete) Has The Smallest Overall Environment Impact?" 

http://cascadewindows.com/ Cascade Windows are manufactured in Oregon.  Miller Paints is an Oregon company. Allura siding is a Rogue Valley company, but the product is shipped to a warehouse in Washington state before it is retailed.


Wall Module

I build the wall modules of 2" x 4"s, 16" on center. Modules will be installed on a sill (bottom) plate, then a top plate will be added. Finished height of the wall will be 7' 9". This module is 8' wide and will be used to create the jig. All the following walls will be based on this module.


Barn-style Sliding Door(s), Hardware

Penson. Recommended for best combination of value and aesthetics
6.6 Feet Sliding Barn Wood Door Hardware Antique Style (Brown)
"50% discount code: penson"

Upgrade options / further research:

Richelieu. Most extensive selection. US & Canada. 2200 West Valley North
Unit 120
Auburn, WA 98001
Phone: (253) 218-0360

pricy limited selection

"MWE Hardware remains the gold, or rather, the stainless steel standard for sliding door hardware. Made in Germany by master craftsmen..."

"the C-Guide doesn't require any modification to the bottom of your door"

"a division of http://www.lockshowroom.com/"
2343 N. Tustin Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Orange County CA

Dark Oil-Rubbed Bronze Arrow Decorative Sliding Door Hardware
Was  $99.98




Framing lumber receives 2 coats of primer

I apply two coats of Zinnser Bullseye 123 Primer (white or gray) before assembly. The flooring system and at least the bottom two (2) inches of framing will receive primer.


Accurate to within 1/64 of an inch

John sets up the saw table, it's 13 feet long. We'll cut the lumber accurate to within 1/64" of an inch.


Shed build begins

208 8-foot 2" x 4"s arrive Friday.

The Douglas fir was sawn at Seneca Sawmill in Eugene, Oregon.

Saturday I grade and sort the 2" x 4"s. About 2/3 will make excellent framing, that is, 7-foot lengths (on right). One third (on left) is downgraded for other (shorter) uses. The are stacked to air dry.

Shed design

I am studying this series of 16 shed-building videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/CountryLifeMedia.
Matching plans
and sketchup 3-d models
excel spreadsheet ready to go