OR DO THE SEARCH YOURSELF , --- more pictures below !
to confirm for yourself ,
2. search th co-ordinates .. 50° 0'38.20"N 110° 6'48.32"W
3. click satellite
4. and look at the 3rd , 4th, 5th, 6th zoom bar from the top

original email from
anthony oberstaller, anthony@ccountry.net


Taking better advantage of the tools available for sharing our Vortex research
Dear Vortex Researchers,
In order to better educate ourselves, promote vortex research, and our businesses, let us take full advantage of the social networking software that is available to us.
I have begun studying websites such as myspace.com, flickr.com, youtube.com, delicious, wikispaces.com.
You can see my sites from DanShaw.com
I just finished reading Howard Rheingold's Smart Mobs, which I highly recommend. And I have been studying collaborative software, (& knowledge mapping) which is the nature of my other wiki page.
My question is, can we, as geomancers, grid workers, vortex researchers, healers by whatever name, commit to coming together and working together for common ends? Can we take advantage of the tools now available to us, to form a greater community, taking our field of study to the next level? What would that look like?
I would suggest that we might begin writing a curriculum for Earth Mysteries. We have all studied the field in our individual and idiosyncratic ways... it would be a tremendous service to put together a course of study that would be in some way comprehensive. For example, what is the basic skill required for an understanding of an ancient ceremonial site? Certainly a knowledge of some astronomy, some ethnography, etc.
Another suggestion: We could use other sites to set up newsletter subscriptions type functionality. For instance, if we all subscribe and contribute to the same youtube account, we could make a series of Vortex Videos. I have been using my own website, a page called "VortexMaps Journal", but it does not have the functionality of myspace. If we could agree to use a myspace page, mine or another, then we could accumulate subscribers, etc. We could all post to the same page to aggregate our readership.
Other ideas here at wikispaces are of course entirely welcome!
Are you already using some kind of locial networking software of website? If so, which one? What do you use them for exactly? Which would you recommend?
Thank you for your inspiring devotion to this work. I truly hope that we will find ways to work more closely together to help perfect ourselves and the planet.
THIS PAGE IS POSTED AT A WIKI YOU CAN EDIT: http://danshaw.wikispaces.com/.


Fostering Dialogue Across Divides
by Maggie Herzig and Laura Chasin
I am just studying social networking sites, setting up my own accounts and linking them from DanShaw.com... I'll continue to develop the content...

I've got a motorhome I'm trying to give away, I listed it on freecycle and a guy came by to look at it this morning.

Yesterday I stripped the gears! William, who was living in it, had put it up an blocks, and I stupidly thought it wasn't engaging the tranny, and I moved it too fast from forward to reverse!