a street like yours

On Monday I was walking down a street like yours
I was reminded of begonia flowers
Folks sit on porches and pass the hours
Breezes blow fallen leaves about my feet
Yellow on one side, on one side red
Lifted up and whirled
Wet leaves leave rust stains on the walk
Dry leaves crush brittle under foot and boot
Bikes whir by
An occasional wispy cloud scutters across the autumn sky
Gusts bend branches, and blossoms and leaves cascade to the ground
Chimes lightly chime
Some old pumpkins slowly split and slump, collapse and crumble
Old man Marshall in overalls lumbers up and down a paint-spattered ladder
Hanging strings of small white lights
A small dog wobbles along on a discrete errand known to him only
Puddles rush out from under car tires and back
Rakes scrape graying leaves across lawns into heaps
Pink and orange the sky glows
And every branch and trunk is evenly lit, without anywhere a shadow
Dusk comes early and cold descends fast
as the sun behind grassy hills drops low
Crisp dark night sky stars shine
Smoke snakes above mossy roof tops
Inside, families gather cozy at flickering fires
Drinking cocoa, tea and nog.
Soon carolers will arrive
Wandering from home to home to home
Before long we will crawl under covers and cuddle beneath comforters
Sleep in a tangle of sheets
Easy dreams bring deep release

by DanShaw.com