Psychical Physics : a scientific analysis of dowsing, book review

Psychical Physics : a scientific analysis of dowsing radiesthesia and kindred divining phenomena 

by Solco W. Tromp

Published by Elsevier, the renown and respected scientific publisher for more than 130 years. The author, Solco W. Tromp, was professor of Geology at Fouad 1 University,
Cairo, Egypt, and founder of the International Society for Biometeorology. This is a 1949 study objectifying many aspects of dowsing, still the most systematic and thorough scientific appraisal of the subject. This is the book that I would write if it weren't already written! Takes each geophysical 'force' in turn, including 'emanations' (gasses), and takes each biological mechanism in turn, and examines the good evidence for geophysical forces affecting the human body. This book substantiates the core thesis of the Dan Shaw Vortex Field Guides, that "the human energy field is not separate from the planetary energy field." 534 pages. $ 4.95 Quality PDF of out-of-print copyright-expired edition with searchable text, viewable on your computer. Download link provided after purchase. No shipping charges. Print it out at home or take to a copy shop for printing and binding. Available from http://www.orgonelab.org/cart/xlifenergy.htm



A window in a flower

A window in a flower

Choose a blue name
Paint a window in a flower
Dance with men with antlers
Soak in the warm waters of love’s embrace

I went all the way to the coast
But it wasn’t far enough
And so I had to go further

I went to the forest
I brought home a rock, a flower
And a rusted old logger’s gas can

Hummingbirds come and go
The pond’s edge jumps with frogs everywhere
Wind-blown sand covers a swimsuit left at a beach

Copper elephants and white monkeys
Rich colors clutter clash resound
Lush texture layers invite

I play and walk in the collage of birdsong, flowers and acrylics
Art enchants

(c) 2012 Daniel Evan Shaw