Devil's Graveyard -- Alaska

12 "Devil's Graveyards" around the world form a geometric pattern. What are these devil's graveyards? Magnetic anomalies? What are vortexes? Is Alaska a Devil's Graveyard? I'm Dan Shaw, a researcher of vortexes, publisher of the EarthStar globe, co-author of the Vortex Field Guide. I was recently featured on Brad Meltzer's Decoded show on the History channel. I demonstrated the Golden Vortex device to Buddy and McKinley ("Mac"), and they were truly impressed. The camera operators also told me (and Brad Meltzer!) that they saw Buddy and McKinley apparent change height. This is not an optical illusion as we usually understand it, due to a slanted background, or to camera angle! See the Decoded episode now on youtube.
Season Two, Episode 13, Part 1:
Part 2, featuring the golden vortex device:


Against the rotation of the globe (a poem by DanShaw.com)

Against the rotation of the globe
(a poem by DanShaw.com)

From the discomfort of my envious time-worn green couch I travel
vicariously from Vienna to Sulawesi by video
hiding behind the remote control and channel five
glimpsing life through the pin-hole
of the big screen
wishing for a one-way boarding pass
on a jetliner business class
overseas against the rotation of the globe.
Years pass cowarding about the paths
of a small town without a mountain or canyon
without a spectacular view.
Breathtaking vistas await aboard flight one-oh-five
from transatlantic terminal to anywhere
Familiar ruts reveal the pale shadow longing casts over courage.
What serpent offers what apple to eject this naive man from dismal desert
to lion's den
What strange sun rises over unknown horizons
What unsure sands will support the foot
What travails can be side-stepped between dusk and dark?
How much plainness and porridge can be endured
before irksome comfort is thrown from the brink
to venture past armed border guards
to venture where not even breakfast speaks my language
where rock and flint and chalk could not be more foreign
where every number needs translation
nothing can be expected.
Discontent seethes beneath the TV guide.


Golden-Vortex.com now live online

The Golden Vortex device, invented by Nick Nelson, featured on Decoded on the History channel, now available at http://golden-vortex.com/


Golden Vortex on History channel

Dan Shaw just on Brad Meltzer's Decoded on History channel with Golden Vortex shrink and grow. contact inventor Nick Nelson: vortexfinder@centurytel.net. 7620 Hwy 2 E,  Columbia Falls, MT 59912. $33 includes shipping.