work with 3 of Irina’s Russian classes at Kamiak High School

Today, thanks to my Ph.D. adviser Dr. Richard Kirby, I had the chance to work with 3 of Irina’s Russian classes at Kamiak High School in Mukilteo. The students are organizing a Russo-American cultural festival which will include producing a play. The third period class is in charge of producing the play. I mentioned that I have some small experience in play production, since my 19-year old daughter, Rosetta, is in Ashland, where, thanks in part to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the High School has a fantastic theater program. I pointed to the spot of paint on the left knee of my jeans, I said, “and this is the color we painted the stage for “Little Mary Sunshine”. After small group discussions, they nominated candidates for which play to produce. Then after some debate, they voted to write an original play for the festival. Irina agreed that I could, with the principal’s permission, observe her classes on Mondays, as a way to begin to immerse myself in Russian language and culture; and I offered to help her grade quizzes, etc. She offered to loan me some Russian movies, textbooks, etc.


Designing Websites: Web Browsers’ compatibility and incompatibility

You should be aware that the question of how things look in various browsers is a real minefield. One must make certain choices which have certain consequences, there is no 'standard'. The strength of the web is that it's like wine that takes the shape of whatever 'glass' (platform: mac/pc & browser) into which it's poured. Always trade-offs. Certainly no point in trying to get them to look the same. Nobody really is looking at them both / all.
Not only that, but Internet Explorer by Microsoft doesn't really work quite right with the Microsoft Word 'save as html' function. AND, different versions of each browser behave differently.
So, aside from tearing out their hair, web designers generally shoot for a compromise between cost and 'agap' (as good as possible).
Chet is telling me that he's going to base his work on the version of Internet Explorer he's using, which is version 6. This is why you often will see websites that specify "Best viewed in xyz browser version #z".
May I suggest that either you keep using IE6, if that's what you're using, or, make sure you've updated your browser(s) to the latest version, AND please tell me-us:
? What browser versions are you using?
(Check your browser version under HELP...ABOUT.)