Women Seeking Men

I am just so damn cute and pretty
Looking for some new friends
Can You keep up?
Are you a sports fan?
Wanting to have fun
tired of being alone
New to the area
Want to get married?
want to hang out?
My dating experiment
I have been lucky on Craigslist
wanted: soulmate
Sweet girlie looking for the one
Worth a shot...
Come on, I dare you!
Trying this again...
Please Be Serious
Beautiful Disaster Picking up the Pieces
Why does it seem so hard?
What’s Missing?
Fun Is the Name of the Game
I have everything except you
Click Here For An Awesome Girl

Men Seeking Women

using the net to catch a fish??
Seeking Girl Who Loves Lemonade and Whose Name is a Palindrome
Shared Wife Wanted
are you submissive
please be very serious
Mountains await us...
looking for friendship & love
More like a squire than a knight...
On dating scene again
What are you looking for?
Height is for women as boobs are for men...
Naughty-ish Fun!
it’s all good
I'm a Weirdo.. Just Not the Dangerous Type...
Girls check me OUT!
I will give 100 cows for cute virgin
what's up ladies!
I Need a First Kiss

Actual ads on seattle.craigslist.org 2009-03-22
Poemed by DanShaw.com

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