Where I may have another chance

I wish I felt a greater sense of calm finality
As I lay across the railroad train tracks of truth
Chilled by the swift steady wind blowing in across the sound
I am a trespasser
I press my ear against the cold steel rail
Listening but not hearing the resonance
Of the impending rush of locomotive
The unbreakable single steel rail stretching straight to infinity
Has given me some comfort
The single steely truth
I have bent and stretched and weakened
And yet to it I fiercely cling
At every opportunity I have stepped off the road more traveled
To the less
Braving brambles risking poison oak and loss
Suffering yet reveling in the lonely
Soaking in the silence
Oh yes so often have I turned to look back
Weighing the heavy innumerable choices
Mentally unraveling the twisted thread
Did I go wrong where
In the narrow crevasse
It seemed the choice was just one or none
I know now I was not right
On the flat infinite plain
At every step a choice
I could have meandered differently and resolved to a different conclusion
Where else might I be at a happier time and place
And again and again I am forced to choose
To live with my splitting result to the limit
The horizon the sunset
Only hoping for the gift of another sunrise
And the blessing to choose anew
To pursue improvised possibility where
Perhaps anyway
The path I missed joins back again
Where I may have another chance



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