VortexMaps.com website and retail business closing
After more than 15 years, it is time for me to close this chapter of my life. Thank you to especially to Bethe Hagens, Dorothy Leon, Barbara Hero and Nick Nelson for making it possible. Thank you to everyone who supported my work. And I am grateful to all you who shared your research with me. I will continue to work quietly in this field until hopefully VortexMaps.com will reappear in a new incarnation. I have a few maps remaining, for those who "must have one!"
I have a new cell phone #, 7zero7-513-9005.


23 said...

Sorry to hear this as I had just today discovered your site. The information that you offered was like a diamond in the rough. This little guide post fading from our electronic map will be a loss to all the future treasure seekers plotting out there way.

Good luck and thank you for sustaining this beacon for as long as you did.

Xeni said...

Please don't shut down the website - leave it as it is - it is very good and the set vortex site that pops up on the front page on a google search. How else will people find out about this amount of detailed work ??
Thanks :) wish you the best.