Unless you’re here

There’s a lot of miles of road between my bonnie girl and me
A mile of road may as well be the Andaman Sea
Girl I’m missing you as soon as I open my eyes
Missing you from sunset to each empty sunrise
I console myself that we are looking at the same moon
Even through the distance we’re as connected as can be
Safe and strong in the connection that we share
Miles of stinging longing electrify the air
I’m afraid some jars will stay unopened until I get home
And who will read the poems?
Even flowers in the garden long to be taken home to you
My day hasn’t really happened unless you’re here to tell it to
The sorrow of separation can only be matched by the joy of reunion
God willing, I’ll be home before the first snow falls
And see your shining glow and feel your embrace
And gently stroke your glorious face and hair
And scratch your back where you can’t reach
And softly snore
In the warm luxurious comfort of home, and heart, and you

By DanShaw.com

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