How I Came to Be a Paranormal Vortex Detective, by Dan Shaw

The best way for you to understand what a Paranormal Vortex is, is for me to explain how I came to be a Paranormal Vortex Detective. Each of us has experiences in our lives that stand out above all the rest. Experiences that transformed our lives. Those experiences often include be our first sexual experience, marriages, having children, deaths of parents and loved ones, and also conversations with friends and maybe watching TED talks. Every one of us has had experiences in our own lives that transformed how we see the world, and how we live in the world. These transformative experiences I just mentioned are normal experiences, as humans we all go through them. I have never been interested in normal experiences. I began meditating and having psychic experiences at the age of 7, and since then I have been much more interested in paranormal experiences than in normal experiences. A UFO made contact with me when I was 14. When I was 21 a midnight visit from a stranger changed the course of my life forever. These three paranormal events, as I'll explain, transformed my life in unimaginable ways. None of them seems directly related to vortexes, true, but these events set the stage for a series of minor miracles. First a UFO “found” me, then the “stranger” found me, and then, in a similar way, vortexes found me. Vortexes found me, in fact, when I was bottoming out in the days after my separation from my wife and two young children, when I was crying every day. Vortexes lifted me up emotionally, and vortex research gave focus and direction to my life. That was more than 20 years ago, and my children have children, and vortexes still “carry” me today, inspiring me, instilling awe and curiosity and bringing me into contact with many wonderful people, including you.

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