Ancient Stones Speak: David D. Zink

The Ancient Stones Speak: A Journey to the World's Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites – October 1, 1979

"Until the present work, however, no one has pointed out the surprising number of megalithic structures located at or near these intersections."

1. Giza, the Great Pyramid
3. Tyumen oil field, USSR
4. Lake Baikal, USSR, many unique plants and animals
9. Hudson Bay, present location of north magnetic pole
11. Northern British Isles, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodgar, Callanish
12. Mohenjo Daro-Rama Empire culture
13. Pyramids in Xian, China, the largest in the world
14. Southern Japan Dragon's Triangle, great seismic activity
16. Hamakulta, nearby lies Hawaii, scene of high volcanic and earthquake activity
17. The sophisticated canal civilization of Cibola
18. Bimini, the site of huge man-made walls underwater, discovered in 1969, the date that Edgar Cayce had predicted that evidence of Atlantis would be discovered
20. Algerian megalithic ruin
21. Megaliths at Axum, the Coptic Christian center in Ethiopia
25. Bangkok and Angkor Wat
26. Sarawak, Borneo, site of ancient megalithic structures
28. Pohnpei Island, Micronesia, site of the megalithic city of Nan Madol
35. Lima, Peru, boundary of the Nazca Plate, Pisco, the Candlestick of the Andes & the Nazca Lines
40. Gabon, West Africa, natural atomic reactor in operation about 1.7 million years ago
41. Zimbabwe with its ancient mines & structures
44. The Maralinga Atomic Test Site, which also has megalithic ruins
47. Easter Island and its megaliths
62. German underground Antarctic base?


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