Shakespeare's Revelations, by Shakespeare's Spirit

through Sarah Taylor Shatford, clairaudient, 1919

Should God uplift the curtain,
'Tween earth and spirit-worlds,
And man should find the distance nil,
Or, see where dying hurls
The soul they thought would go to Him,
At last life's pain were done,
When they had borne the earthly cross,
The crown, then would be won!
Could mortals know that life beyond,
Reflected is of this;
And all the love which they have known,
Must be their heavenly bliss,--
As well all woe that they have caused,
Must weigh and bear them down, --
How few, but understanding Him,
Could hope for any crown!

"I have many things to tell you,--"
Which are against the law;
But could earth-flok know the truth,
Ye'd see as Jesus saw!


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