Charting Your Success:
Using time and income percentage charts to plan for future business development

How are you spending your time in your business-working day? How much of your total income are you earning from each of your different streams of income? How much of your total income do you want to be earning from each stream of income next year? These are some of the questions I ask my website clients to help them get a better sense of their dreams and visions, and to help them manifest their dreams and visions, especially in their website design.

I draw four circles, “pie charts”, and ask them to fill in the “wedges”. I suggest that these “pie charts” may also be helpful for you to manifest your dreams and visions. Draw four circles (“pies”) for your business. The first chart represents the hours of your working day. Draw wedges for the percentage of time you spend working on each of your streams of income, each product or service you provide. Now, in the second circle, draw the chart of your working day a year from now as you envision it. How much time do you want to be spending on each segment of your business?

The next two circles represent money. In the third chart, draw wedges to represent what percentage of income you derive from each stream of income. Now, in the fourth circle, draw your ideal percentages, what you would like to accomplish a year from now.

For example, you may be spending ¾ of your time providing products, and ¼ providing services. You may discover that your income derives ¾ from services, and ¼ from products. The results may surprise you when you look at them in this way. Now consider your charts for how you want to be spending your time and earning your income a year from now. You will see that if you hope to derive 90% of your income from products a year from now, for example, you need to shift now how much time you are investing in that stream of income.

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