I’d Rather be a Hammer AND a Nail

Ask yourself continually: What is my heart’s desire? What is my goal, objective? What are my dreams and visions? What do I want to accomplish? Where do I want to be in 5 years? Ten years? These desires, by whatever name, must be acted upon. These millions of small words and deeds must are the tactics that require a coordinated, orchestrated strategy. How unlikely are our dreams and visions to come true without a thoroughly-conceived and deliberate schedule of planned actions. Some people are visionaries, masters of dreams and visions. Other people are masters of the details. Few people are capable of effectively combining and bridging this polarity, but that ability to bridge is vital and urgent to the accomplishments to the achievement of not just a better reality, but a wholly transformed reality. One cannot really master either polarity without being a master of both, and we must strive continually to strengthen our weaknesses, toward a multi-dimensional equilibrium. This transformed state of balanced thinking and acting means an enlightened state of action-planning and planning-action.

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