Make changes to your site yourself:

Make changes to your site yourself:
Uploading web site pages, etc.
using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program
such as WS_FTP or Fetch
WS_FTP, CuteFTP, etc. are for PC’s; Mac’s use Fetch.
If you don't already have WS_FTP (or Fetch) download it from www.download.com.
Install the program by double clicking the icon. Macs: Drag the Fetch dog icon into the applications folder.
Click Connect (in the lower left). In the Session Properties box, select NEW. Use an obvious profile name, such as "!publicftp". (The exclamation point onveniently will bring this session to the top of the alphabetical list).
You will need a host name, a user name, and a password.
Host Name/Address is often in the form of: ftp.hostname.com
You may need to set Host Type to Auto detect.
Select the "Anonymous" checkbox and User ID and password default. Choose SAVE PASSWORD.
You will see your files on the remote server appear in the right hand frame. to To send a file to the remote server, Double-click to select it, and drag it; or, select it and click the transfer arrow.
The same settings apply. Select “PUT”, then choose the local file you want to send to the remote host, then PUT again to send the file.
Always be sure to make back up copies of your original, unedited files onto the local server into a new folder titled, ‘backups’ before you begin work. That way, if your web pages don’t look right once you’re edited them, you can always revert to the earlier version!

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