Create a blog to easily & frequently post new material to the web

By creating a blog at Google’s blogspot, you will be able to easily and frequently post new material to the web. A major advantage to using Google’s blogspot (“blogger”) rather than any other blog is that it seems that your content uploaded to blogspot is nearly instantly indexed for Google search results. By comparison, Google does not instantaneously list new websites, it may take a while until Google’s “bots” crawl through a link to your new site to index it.

To begin, go to:

and click on the orange arrow that says, “Create your blog now.”

Sign up with your email address, and choose a username, and a blog name.
for instructions on choosing a good name, the same basic guidelines apply as when choosing a domain name, which you can see at:

“You have a name you don’t have to spell, which is about 15 characters or less, without any dashes or underscores, is memorable, describes what you do, and is broad and narrow enough to help your search engine standings”

Choose a password, NOT one that you use for other, more secure sites, such as bank accounts or email.
You can generate a truly random password by going to:

Choose any string of characters from the third row. It’s best to use 7 or more characters.

For more complete info on choosing passwords, read:
Manage Your Passwords Effectively

Once your blog is set up, take a few moments to fill in some information on your profile, especially your website address (URL) if your have one.

Now, to add articles (“posts”) to your blog, click this link:


you may want to type your email address here:

select your email address and copy it by holding down the CONTROL ("apple") key and pressing “C”

Then paste it into the username field

Next copy and paste your password:

Then click “sign in”

Click on the green plus sign that says, “New Post”

Now simply paste in a title, and your article.

Now click the orange button that says, “PUBLISH POST”

You’ve just posted your first blog!

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