The Creatrix Sings

The people here
Remember the time before creation
The Creatrix sits in perfect equipose
Reveling in pure potential

When, running her hands through her radiant gray hair,
A single perfect strand
Exactly the length of her arm
Fell away into the void
Creating the first rift as it fell
As it fell
This one radiant Goddess-hair all space and time dividing
Through the first difference, above and below,
It split the void in two, then it split in two.
One side of the hair turned white, the other black.
The white hair grew longer and longer,
While the black hair became shorter and shorter.
The white hair is still today growing,
And the black still shrinking
As these two hairs now fall through space through rushing winds unknowable
The hair sings the same song the Creatrix sings
But in unimagined harmonies…



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