Dr. Everyday Scales Mt. Complexman

I have come for relief from this pain
I can no longer stand
How long have you borne it
Were you born with it?
Vaguely to me it seems
There was a time before
And you did not come to me sooner because...
Then I was less weak
And pain felt slight and muted
And seemed to subside
If I did this or that or an aspirin
But pain did not stop there
As my days progressed pain the shadow grew
What followed then
I became numb
I blamed myself
My habits the things I did and did not do
And I postponed seeing you
And work and play
And wallet got in the way
And now I fear
There is no cure
But I am here
I may not do as you will say
But Doctor please give it a name
And I will pay
Fill in this form
And take this test
We will see how much you weigh
And I will do my best
Does it hurt when I do this
I can give you things we can't pronounce
If we could read Rx anyway
Our time is up
Please see the nurse
I will see you another day
And God will find a way.



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