Dr. Kirby asked me to make a list twice a week of

Things Dan Wants to Know!

(15 January 2008)

Collaborative techniques and technologies = CT2

1. Who are at the forefront of CT2?

2. Where are they located?

3. What are they doing?

4. How can I support their collaboration; popularization and dissemination-adoption of their tools?

5. Where can people gather for democratic-collaborative dialog?

6. Who wants to implement CT2?

7. What is the full range of CT2?

8. How does one choose the appropriate CT2 for a specific occasion?

9. Who is prepared to deploy the tools of collaboration?

10. How can we make CT2 available in every city?

11. Who are our allies?

12. What are the obstacles to wide adoption of CT2? How to overcome them?

13. How can we build a temple to CT2, a “Western White House”?

14. How can we adapt Alternate reality games (ARG) and massive multiplayer online games (MMOG) to democracy and civilization building?

15. What is the trend-direction of CT2 development?

16. How can existing CT2 (e.g., Second Life) be applied to civilization building more effectively?

17. What are the current projects of Stuart C. Dodd Institute (SCDI) and how can I help? What are the priorities and ‘deliverables’ of SCDI?

18. How can I help make the results of SCDI’s research more widely known?

19. What businesses, fraternal organizations, and buildings – locations are available for “Town Hall” (chataqua) gatherings?

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