Productizing Your Existing Writings (and music):

Using Dr. Kirby’s work as an example for others


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Abstract: Careful assessment required of which existing materials can be most rapidly and profitably produced and marketed.

In previous articles I introduced the 9-Stage Model as it applies to the development of social movements,


based on the work of Richard Moore.


I am adapting that model to communications theory. Like Stuart C. Dodd’s matrix

A Scientific Foundation for World Culture, by Stuart C. Dodd and Burt Webb, Jan 1976


the 9-Stage Model suggests that for effective action, we look up and down the timeline from our standpoint in the infinitesimal now. Specifically, looking at how we (as principals of NAUP &) as writers, and musicians, can “make use of the results” of our previous work. These already (semi-)completed works are the most expedient to bring to market, with the lowest production time and expense, hence the greatest (passive) profit potential.

Old products, new channels

Simply re-formatting old works can create new markets and distribution channels. Can we sell writings, e.g. the sermons, on CD?

Can we market videos?

Downloadable sales

What can we sell as downloadable .pdfs?

DanShaw.com downloadable sales

My website has the capability to sell downloadable files.

First questions

Specifically we need to know: What existing writings-works does RK feel are his best and most marketable?

What needs to be done to produce these?

What needs to be done to market these?

Who are our allies in this project?

Sermons: compiled by year and by theme

By year:

I could do this in a good day’s work, but I am still in the process of reading and editing these. Who (else) can input the edits after Richard approves them?

By theme:

Humbletown and other sermons

This collection of writings would be a great place to start.

Science Fiction shorts

?Which writings are in this category?

Altars of the Future

This topic would particularly easy to market if it were targeted for religious bookstores. I suggest we broaden the appeal by shifting the emphasis somewhat so that it begins with a ‘specialized concordance’ of Biblical references to altars; then put Dr. K’s commentary at the end. This short booklet would be relatively inexpensive to print

? would there be funds for an initial printing (3,000 + / -) and some marketing?

Action Steps:

Evaluate existing works

Weigh potential profitability


I have created a chart for this purpose:

Comparing Potential Profitability



NAUP; sermons;

Length: Approximately # words




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