iTunes U at iTunes Store for free University Lectures

Professor Arthur Ellis wrote:

if you connect with Apple’s I Tunes U, you can listen to some of my lectures on American education, titled, “American Education: Past and Present.”

Dan replies:

Thank you, Professor!

Now I can listen to you on my iPod!

For future reference:

Go to this address:


scroll to “visit iTunes U at the iTunes store”

then navigate: Seattle Pacific University > Course Lectures > categories: American Education

1-01 Four Broadly Accepted Goals of 1.mp3

1-02 Eastern Educational Thought.mp3

1-03 The Emergence of Western Educat.mp3

1-04 Ideas in European Education.mp3

1-05 Horace Mann.mp3

1-06 Moral Education for the Young_.mp3

1-07 Basic Assumptions of Essentiali.mp3

1-08 What Knowledge is of Most Worth.mp3

1-09 Court Decisions that have Influ.mp3

1-10 Theory of Human Interest.mp3

looks like about 4 hours total.

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