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Abstract: Proposes thesis; suggests wiki.

The prospects for world peace depend on communication, and communication on language. An understanding of the others’ language is vital then, to speeding international communication to its ideal. In particular, three volumes are suggested:

1. Hebrew-Arabic-English
2. Russian-Greek-English
3. French-English-Spanish

The Triangle of Triangles

Because the Rome-Jerusalem-Mecca line is the heart of the world’s spirituality.

Because so much of America comes from Russia, and the power of the Eagle with the Bear.

Because we are the Latin family.


Geographic Emphasis of Atlas

Each volume would be an Atlas, with maps showing the geographic homelands, emigration, and Diaspora, and times of the people, languages and words.

Translation Needs

I will begin compiling resources here.


I will need working partners at URAO in Moscow, who will be available to work with me on this project. While there, I will lecture on language acquisition in general and Russian-English language in particular.

? Who will work with me in Moscow?

Themes and topical specialty products

People find linguistic misunderstandings and faux amis very amusing; we could compile these as a basis for books, tapes and videos.


Obviously required.


The initial formats will be brief, black and white, affordable format to prove the concept, build production and marketing relationships, with plans for color editions in a higher price point.

Video formats

High-definition images of mouth and neck of speakers.

Audio Tapes

Based on video. Additional voice cues describing shape of lips, tongue and mouth, and faux amis.

Audio CD

Extensive granulation into

Amplifier Effect

Much that is learned and achieved in the production and marketing of the first book and website will be amplified by the production and marketing of the second and third.

Action Steps:

Answer above questions.

Post to wikipedia.


Mathematics; linguistics; sermons; wiki

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